The Tumblr Tags are tags which were put on the posts on the Project-New-World tumblr without Simon's knowledge. They were presumably posted by THEWICKEDSEVEN since He used similar tags for humour during the first takeover .

All posts were tagged "the" and "slenderman" along with the following:

  • “without a lead you will fail”
  • “he is here to test us”
  • “you have stumbled into a war”
  • “escape is impossible” “welcome to the game”
  • “we are the wicked seven” “take us to the nuse”
  • “why is six afraid of seven?”
  • “doctor dead”
  • “this correspondence will be your demise”
  • “expiriment in progress”
  • “you are likely to be eaten by a grue”
  • “do you not enjoy our paintings?"
  • “alex is afraid of strangers”
  • “is coming to take our boys”
  • “hates cheaters”
  • “this oughta go well”

Then during the takeover of the tumblr, the tags became sentances, begining with "The Slenderman..." and adding the tag:

  • “knows that he cheated”
  • “is our father”
  • “wanted me to take him”
  • “is unfortunately impartial”
  • “will make is mark as well”
  • “is being provoked”
  • “loves his children”
  • “knows you are afraid”
  • “hates his stupid art”
  • “is also busy”
  • “will end this”
  • “wished he would stop”
  • “favors me”
  • “has not gone unmentioned”
  • “will have none of this nonsense”
  • “understands”
  • “hates idiots like this”
  • “has not treated us in a while”
  • “really has nothing to say on the matter”
  • “has no fucking comment”
  • “is allowing this point”