journal 4 - lucky number seven
Lucky number seven

Lucky number seven

Date September 7, 2012
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"journal 4 - lucky number seven" is the fifth video in the ProjectNewWorld series.

YouTube DescriptionEdit

i'll upload something else tonight once i get back

General OverviewEdit

In this journal, Simon reveals computer troubles, and THEWICKEDSEVEN are introduced through their hacking of his tumblr and computer.


Black background. Text only.

profile picture

[00:01] sorry for the delay in videos

[00:05] ive been having a bit of computer trouble

[00:09] every time i turned on my computer, it just showed the following (warning: loud)

[00:13] Audio distortion. Rows of 7s fill Simon's monitor.

[00:30] Black background again, text only.

i considered taking it to a shop, but it started working again this morning

[00:36] a similar thing happened on my tumblr (project-new-world)

[00:40] i recieved exactly seven messages from the user thewickedseven, all consisting of the number 7 repeating

[00:46] and afterwards my profile picture (on both youtube and tumblr) because the same as thewickedseven's

[00:51] Earlier mentioned profile picture is shown.


[00:55] i am unable to change it

[01:01] i want to know the significance behind 7

[01:07] High pitched audio. More rows of 7s appear on the screen.

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