Journal 19 - Just a follow up
Date November 3, 2012
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"Journal 19 - Just a follow up" is the twentyfirst video in the ProjectNewWorld series.

Youtube descriptionEdit

I really did just want to get this out there for you guys. I feel like you deserve to know as much as I do. I will be updating you on the regular with any important information.

I am aware that nOrmalcy was not uploaded by Simon himself. I am sorry about that. I just can't think straight right now.

General overviewEdit


[0:01] Alex: Hey guys, I was just going to go throw out this video for you to kind of explain some things. I did, I- I did go to Simon's house, we've all seen that. I've got his camera, and I've got those strips of, of pictures. Now I was taking a look at those, those strips and stuff that had apparently been written on the back of them. And uh, there, they kind of seem to be some link back to the video that Simon posted in Normalcy.

[0:34] [Video distortion, blurring camera view slightly for one second]

[0:35] Alex: And uh, [pauses] I- I always thought that the footage, like something had gotten that one footage afterwards. But with those changing places the two times I was in his room, that camera coming out of nowhere and that camera was nowhere in that room to begin with.

I'm starting to believe that there might be something out where he was. So I'm going to-

[1:09] Alex: -go back there.

[1:11] [Video distortion, once again blurring Alex for one second.]

[1:12] [Distortion continues, screen brightens and horizontal lines become present through the rest of the footage.]

Alex: If- If I don't find anything, I'll be okay, maybe I'll-? [sighs] I'll look through more of the footage on this camera and see if there's anything other than there could be creepy things that I've been finding.

But I really don't see myself finding anything else.

W- We'll see what I can come up with... I just really don't like- There's just something wrong with what happened when I was over there. I walked, I was leaving the house, there was nothing there. I walked out, and it was dark, and then I was just, I was back. Things had been moved, and I had no idea what I was going to or how I was going to do it but- I got his things, and I got out of there. I've been home for a couple days...

[2:32] Alex: But I know what I'm going to do next. So... God I'm sorry if it seems like- Like I'm flustered to you guys, but there's just not... But I don't know what I'm doing. There's no one helping me-[audio distortion, skipping over 'helping'] there's nothing I can do.

[2:58] Alex: I'll head out to that area... Like always I'll do my best... I'll update you on whatever I find.