Grey Isokov
Grey 1
Grey (left) and Simon (right) in "journal 11 - "we'll be fine, whatever we do""

Status Presumed alive
Allegiance Project-New-World
First Appearance 'intro video'. First heard speaking in 'journal 2 - followers'.

Grey is a teenage boy who is first seen with Simon and Alex , presumably in Simon's house. He exits the house with Alex after the three spend an evening together, only to be attacked and have a strange note attached to his face.

Afterwards he loses his memory of the event, as do Simon and Alex, and when approached by Simon in the street he is actively hostile towards him and flees.

He later contacts Alex and arranges a meeting, but when Alex turns up, Grey's computer begins to glitch and then Alex leaves the house and is attacked by Plague, only to reenter the house and witness Plague where Grey was previously.

His location is currently unknown.


  • Grey is rumored to be tumblr famous, as hinted to in journal 2.