journal 2 - followers


Date September 3, 2012
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"journal 2 - followers" is the third video in the ProjectNewWorld series.

YouTube DescriptionEdit

the second video i found on the camera, apparently taking place before journal 1

according to whoever was behind the camera, there had been a recording of the whole premiere party
there is no such recording on the camera, however

General OverviewEdit

In this video, Simon and Grey question Alex's filming of them, and mess around, discussing blogging, followers and torrenting.


Journal shows Simon and Grey talking with another person behind the camera (Alex).


Simon: Dude, why are you filming?

Alex: I want to blog my reactions, our reactions.

Grey: Dude, were you filming the whole time?

Alex: Yeah.

Simon: Kinda creepy, honestly.

Alex: Why?

Simon: Dude, copyright...

Grey: [interrupting; unintelligible] like what are you gonna do, put it on a torrent?

Alex: Oh, no... nobody torrents anymore.

[00:18] Laughing.

Simon: I don't.

Grey: Yeah, I totally don't.

Alex: Ugh, we need to go...

Grey: What about you Simon?

Simon: [unintelligible]

Alex: Oh, yeah.

Simon: So don't you guys need to be getting home to some blogs or something?

Grey: Yeah, clearly, I have followers that are beckoning for me to put a status update every five minutes.

Alex: Oh yeah Simon, how many followers do you have?


Simon: This is why I don't do [mumbles].

Alex: I was just...

Simon: Forty! Okay, just forty.

[00:55] Grey laughing.

Alex: See, there's, there's... (to Grey) Stop being a jackass, Grey, (to Simon) there is a reason I'm, uh, there's a reason I'm filming, I have three hundred followers.

Grey: Peasants. I have...

Simon: You guys are plebs(?), get out of my house.

[1:10] A picture flashes. Audio change.

[1:11] Alex, holding the camera, looks through the window.

Simon: It's pretty dark out, you guys want a flashlight or something?

Grey: No, we're fine.

Alex: Yeah, we should be okay.

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