Journal 18 - Evidence


Date November 2, 2012
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"Journal 18 - Evidence" is the twentieth video in the ProjectNewWorld series.

Youtube descriptionEdit

I'll be going going over any footage I find on Simon's camera soon.

General overviewEdit


[0:01] [black background, white text] Journal 18 - Evidence

[0:05] I finally found the time to investigate over Simon's place.

[0:09] He had given me his address back when we were talking regularly.

[0:15] But ever since we got to Grey's house, and we got seperated, I feel like no one has heard from him at all.

[0:20] I looked back over the videos we made. I think his room is on the second floor.

[0:25] Cuts to video; Alex filming walking to Simon's house.

[0:46] Dog barking in distance.

[1:06] Alex knocks repeatedly on door, to seemingly no avail.

[1:29] A woman answers the door.

Woman: Hello?

Alex: Uh, hey, uh I'm a friend of Simon's, is he home?

Woman: No, he hasn't been home for a while.

Alex: Well can I come inside and see if I can...

Woman: No, I don't, I don't really think so.

Alex: Oh, okay.

[1:50] Audio distortion, loud crackling is present.

[1:54] Audio distortion ends briefly. Alex goes back to the front door and enters the house. Upon entrance, slight audio distortion becomes present again.

[2:04] Woman: (distant) What're you doing? (becomes unintelligble)

Alex: You just have to wait-

[2:09] Audio distortion ceases.

[2:21] Alex turns on Simon's laptop. The screen reads "WELCOME TO THE GAME ALEX :)". Alex shuts the laptop.

[2:32] Alex exits Simon's room, and begins transcending the staircase.

Woman: Get out Alex, get out! Go, now! Leave!

[2:43] Alex blatantly ignores her and turns to the livingroom.

[2:48] Video goes black, only audio of Alex breathing and some fumbling around.

[3:04] A light is turned on, revealing Alex's surroundings to what appears to be a closet.

[3:11] Door is opened to reveal it is the closet to Simon's room.

[3:16] Alex approaches the desk, the laptop is open and the screen reads "LEAVING SO SOON?"

[3:29] Alex collects a camera from on top of a notebook, unobscuring the words "I AM WATCHING :)", two photographic strips (previously seen in NORMALCY ), and a few sheets of paper.

[3:42] Exits Simon's room for a second time.

[3:45] Text over video, showing examination of Simon's camera.

Simon claimed this was broken.

[3:51] Sets down accumulated objects to open the door to leave Simon's house.

[4:04] Upon examination, the backs of the photo strips read "NORMALCY IS IMPOSSIBLE".

Video ends with Alex exiting the house.