journal 7 - before


Date September 11, 2012
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"journal 7 - before" is the eighth video in the ProjectNewWorld series.

YouTube DescriptionEdit

the last video
i assume the battery died towards the end

General OverviewEdit

In this video, Simon and Alex discuss the note left taped to Grey's face, and Grey awakens on Simon's bed, unable to remember who the others are. They decide to take Grey to the hospital, before the tape abruptly ends.


[00:01] Title card: white text, black background: this is the final video that i found on the camera

Not followers

not followers?

[00:06] Title card: white text, black background: it seems that i have an increasing amount of viewers

[00:10] Title card: white text, black background: NOT FOLLOWERS?

[00:11] Title card: white text, black background: i can only hope that Grey or Alex is among them

[00:16] Title card: white text, black background: before

[00:19] New video begins. Simon sitting on a bed.

[00:20] Video freeze.

[00:45] Tall man in a suit if shown.

[00:50] Back to Simon.

Simon: Hey.

Alex: Is he okay?

[00:54] Audio distortion. Video changes for few seconds, earlier seen door are closing.


Simon: Yeah. He should be fine. Should we take him to a hospital or something?

Alex: No, I think he'll be okay, he's just passed out.


Alex: What is that anyway? Just a...?

Simon: It's a circle with a cross in it. What does that even mean?

Alex: I don't know.

Simon: He watches...

Alex: What does He watch though?

Simon: Who's He?

Alex: I don't know...

Simon: That guy outside, how did he looked like?

Alex: He... he didn't really. He was just sort of... he was in the shadows a lot and I couldn't tell... I couldn't tell what he looked like but he had... maybe he had a suit on...?

Doctor dead

doctor dead

Alex: he moving?

Simon: Grey you alright?

Grey: ...who the fuck are you guys?



Simon: We've got to take him to the hospital-