Journal 17 - A Call for Help
A Call for Help

A Call for Help

Date October 30, 2012
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"Journal 17 - A Call for Help" is the nineteenth video in the ProjectNewWorld series. It was uploaded by Alex.

YouTube DescriptionEdit

Simon Varusche
-Blue eyes
-Dark-ish brown hair
-Wears glasses (far-sighted)
-May still have a cough
-Likely to be injured on right arm

It is unknown what happened to him, or where his current whereabouts may be.
He was last seen on a lakeside somewhere in the western Carolinas.
But he could be anywhere.

Whether you have information, or you need more information, please contact this number:
(704) 247-7778
(Don't worry if nobody picks up. We encourage you to leave a voicemail, and we will get back to you as soon as possible!)

General OverviewEdit

Alex recieved a video from Simon's friend, who found "Simon Varusche" tag on tumblr.


[00:01] Title card: White text, black background: Journal 17 - A Call for Help

[00:05] Title card: White text, black background: I recieved this video from a friend of Simon's who was searching the "Simon Varusche" tag on tumblr.

[00:11] Title card: White text, black background: She was trying to find any lead she could.
A x

a x

[00:15] Title card: White text, black background: I hope I can help her.

[00:18] Simon's friend video is shown. Girl with blonde hair wearing glasses holds white cards with text. She is silent through the whole video.

I Really need Help Right Now


[00:21] A picture with a person flashes. There are two letters on the picture: "a x".

[00:26] Recently a Really good friend of mine went Missing.

[00:34] Another picture flashes, much faster than the last one.

[00:35] his Name was Simon Varusche

[00:51] he had been acting Strangely in the days before his dissapearance
They plnd

they plnd

[01:03] But I didn't think it was anything serious

[01:17] now I regret not trying to help him

[01:33] Two pictures flash. First one with "they plnd" caption and second one with a tied up person holding a note with "HELP ME".


[01:34] so please, help me find him

[01:51] he was a good friend, and his dissapearance has Really hit me, his Friend's and his family hard.

[01:57] Fifth picture flashes. There is a caption but it's not possible to read the first half of it.

[02:02] Please, if you know anything, call this number: (704) 247-7778

[02:15] more information in the description

[02:24] Title card: White text, black background: She claims the distortion 'was from dropping the tape.

[02:29] Title card: White text, black background: But I don't know if I trust that.


  • Simon's friend constantly says "Simon was" instead of "Simon is".
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