journal 6 - "he watches"
"he watches"

"he watches"

Date September 10, 2012
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"journal 6 - "he watches"" is the seventh video in the ProjectNewWorld series.

YouTube DescriptionEdit

finally back to uploading the original contents of my camera

General OverviewEdit

In this journal, Simon returns to uploading files from his camera. In the video file, Alex is seen returning to Simon's house as Grey has been knocked unconscious in the street, and he enlists Simon's help to find him. When they do find him, he is seen with a note taped over his face that says 'He Watches'. Throughout, there is audiovisual distortion, possibly due to the close proximity of Slenderman or THEWICKEDSEVEN .


Black background, text only.

[00:01] i'm finally back on schedule with showing what was on the camera

[00:06] thewicked7 may not want me to figure out what is happening on these videos

[00:10] which is all the more reason for me to continue my research

[00:14] "he watches"

[00:17] Video switches to Alex filming at Simon's house after running away from the tall figure.

[00:30] Simon shows up.

Simon: Alex!

Alex: Wha.. what?

Simon: You okay? Why'd you come back to my house?

Alex: Something got... something got... us out there, I don't know.

symbol from journal 6

Simon: Something got you? What are you talking about.

Alex: Yeah, Grey is on the street, I can't... I don't remember what--

[00:45] Audio distortion. Video turns black and white. THEWICKEDSEVEN symbol appears for few seconds.

[00:47] Video comes back to normal.

Simon: We gotta go find him.

Alex: I don't know where he is though. I just woke up and ran back inside.


Simon: Well, glad you didn't ask for a flashlight. Let's go.

Alex: Okay.

[01:04] Audio distortion, video is black and white again. Simon and Alex get out of Simon's house.

[01:09] Journal gets back to normal audio. Simon and Alex are searching outside for Grey.

Alex: I don't see anything.


Simon: Alex! He's over here.

Alex: What?

'Simon': He's over here! Come on!

[01:21] We see Simon running towards Grey who is lying unconsious on the ground.


Simon: He's knocked out.


Alex: Grey, are you okay?

[01:35] Grey wakes up.

Alex: What's... what's that?

Simon: (showing a note) It was on his face.

Alex: I can't... I can't tell...

Simon: He watches.

Alex: Who watches?

Simon: Someone's pulling some sick joke on us.